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Jimmy Reed, The Sun Is Shining, Vee-Jay, 1957

There are two tracks, The Sun Is Shining and Baby, What’s On Your Mind? The Sun Is Shining is a bit faster, but still has a laid back blues feel. I really like the harmonica and guitar work on these tracks. Its amazing to listen to a musician play two instruments and sing. There are drums and bass which hold the song together, but Jimmy shines with all the rest. Its hard to production technique used, but one interesting sound is the reverb on the snare drum.. must have been the room itself. There are references to the Rolling Stones playing “The Sun Is Shining” in their early years.

Great music by a great musician.

Artist: Jimmy Reed
Release Date: 1957
Label: Vee-Jay Records
Serial: VJ 248
Tracks: The Sun Is Shining, What’s on Your Mind

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