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Solomon Burke, Walking In A Dream, No Man Walks Alone

Solomon Burke, The King of Soul! Ok, now we really are getting vintage on the music blog. This is a 78 rpm recording on Apollo Records. Both songs are a slow to medium tempo, blues progression. The arrangement is a simple blues progression. Walking In A Dream. Slow to Medium tempo song. Recorded at 615 Tenth Avenue in Manhattan, the sound production is very good, especially on his voice. His voice really comes through clear and defined. Solomon really had great mic technique. He adjusted his voice and distance from the mic really well. The sax solo comes through great also. The production is better than I expected from a 78. Some simple guitar in the middle of the song. No Man Walks AloneMellow start. Horn section, bass, piano sound in the way back. The backup singers sound nuts. How do they hold those notes for so long and all over the scale like that? Solomon Burke had a fantastic voice, there is no doubt about it. Both songs have a slow build that end with Solomon delivering some powerful bars at the end. The last 4-8 bars are really awesome on both songs.

Artist: Solomon Burke
Release Date: 195?
Label: Apollo Records
Serial: AP 3587
Tracks: Walking In A Dream, No Man Walks Alone

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