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The Omens, Searching / Girl Get Away

A very rare and collectible record. Extensive information about this record can be found at The Omens, Searching / Girl Get Away. There is also an interesting post from one of the former band members. This copy of The Omens plays very well for a record that is over 40 years old. There is no popping or clicking as the song plays, just light noise at the beginning and end, like any used record. The song Searching is an up tempo song with drums, tamborine, bass, guitar, organ, and the vocal lines. The song has a mixture of surf guitar and heavy fuzz effects. There aren’t many words in the song, but there are a few musical ideas. The song starts out loud with lots of energy, and the chorus is in the beginning…”Searchiiinnngggggg, Searching for Love!” Great song. The second song, Girl Get Away, is about the same tempo, around 112-116 bpm. It is not as loud, without the fuzz guitar tone. The vocals are smoother. Another interesting, great song. You can hear small Beatles and Beach Boys influences in each one of these tracks.

Artist: Cody Records
Release Date: 1965
Label: Cody Records
Tracks: Searching, Girl Get Away
For Sale: The Omens, Searching / Girl Get Away.

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