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Big Bill Broonzy, Why Should I Spend My Money?

Hello Vinyl Peoples! Today we have another find from digging through the Vintage Fidelity collection. This 78 rpm record is from 1941 on the Okeh label. Two songs… She’s Gone With The Wind and Why Should I Spend My Money? Both tunes are only piano, guitar, and vocal.


Jimmy Reed, The Sun Is Shining, Vee-Jay, 1957

There are two tracks, The Sun Is Shining and Baby, What’s On Your Mind? The Sun Is Shining is a bit faster, but still has a laid back blues feel. I really like the harmonica and guitar work on these tracks. Its amazing to listen to a musician play two instruments and sing. [...]

Bobby Bland, Farther Up The Road, Duke

This is a really cool tune. It starts with sax and guitar doubling the same blues based riff. As the tune progresses, the guitar plays nice riffs around the vocal lines, but the tone really is very cool. The playing is very solid. Actually, the whole band is really good. [...]

Solomon Burke, Walking In A Dream, No Man Walks Alone

Solomon Burke, The King of Soul! Ok, now we really are getting vintage on the music blog. This is a 78 rpm recording on Apollo Records. Both songs are a slow to medium tempo, blues progression. The arrangement is a simple blues progression. Walking In A Dream. Slow to Medium tempo song. [...]

The Omens, Searching / Girl Get Away

A very rare and collectible record. Extensive information about this record can be found at The Omens, Searching / Girl Get Away. There is also an interesting post from one of the former band members. This copy of The Omens plays very well for a record that is over 40 years old.